Course Bundles

“Art is not what you see, its what you make other see”

Chrissie Pearce Nail Art
Crystal Placement Animals
Maleficent Portrait

From the famous 30 nails in 30 days to some of your fav nail artists all bundled together !

These are amazing if you want to try a few techniques in one neatly bundled course ! What bundle will you choose ?

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OneStroke Edu Mat

Sams Legacy Course

Course includes :

  • Nail Art Tools & Tricks
  • Gel Painting
  • Aquarelle
  • 3d
  • Handpainting 
  • Fantasy Nail Work
  • Zhostovo
  • Charater Painting
  • Making money in the salon with nail art
  • How to get inspo and take it onto a nail

Sam Biddles legacy course is packed with some of her best courses ! You will learn so much on this course you will be amazed !

30 Nails in 30 Days Volume 1

  •  First course of its kind
  • 30 Nail Art Lessons from some of the most celebrated techs in 1 course. Sam Biddle, Katie Barnes, Melanie Lewendon, Guin Deadman Littlefield, Lauren Mcbride, Paula Spencer
  • Hand painting, detailed, faces, gems
  • Plasticine Gel
  • Gel Painting
  • Salon designs
  • Competition nails
  • Gel Polish Perfection
  • Aquarelle
  • Crystal Placement
  • Mixed media 3d
  • & much much more Full list available Here

Jam packed with amazing courses ! 30 courses yes 30 !! This will keep you entertained and fuelled with knowledge !

30 Nails in 30 Days Vol 2

30 Nails in 30 Days returns with 5 new educators guiding you through 30 new nail art techniques

  • Alice Mcnails, Chrissie Pearce, Scarlett Senter, Rebecca Issacs, Russanna Dudley. 5 new nail artists for you to learn from.
  • Salon Viable
  • One Stroke
  • Stamping
  • Crystal Placement
  • 3d & Fantasy
  • Lettering
  • And Much More Full list available HERE
Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream

Alice McNails Salon Viable Bundle

  • Creative Lettering
  • Flames 3 Ways
  • Tortoise Shell
  • Opals & Pearls
  • Pop Art
  • Alternative Tips

Let insta sensation and all round amazing nail artist, Alice Mcnails, Guide your through some funky and relevant salon designs ! And for just £25 thats an absolute bargain !! 


Chrissies Salon Viable Bundle

Chrissie Pearce one of the industry’s leading nail artists and brand owners, takes you on a colourful journey of salon viable nail designs in this amazing bundle. 

  • 6 Lessons for you to enjoy
  • Geometric hard gel
  • Stamping basics
  • Stamping advanced
  • Logo nails
  • 3D Roses
  • 10 ways to marble

What an amazing bundle from the amazing Chrissie Pearce . Relevant up to date nail art for your salon ! Proper instaworthy !!!