Cartoon Characters

with Vikki Taylor Dodds

🤦🏼‍♀️  Don’t just learn the design, master the technique! 

🙋🏼‍♀️ Award-winning nail Artist Vicky Taylor Dodds shows you how to hand paint characters

🙎🏼‍♀️ Popular accents, cartoon basics will give you a foundation for any character. 

Learn how to paint cartoon faces on nails!

Watch how Vikki works with simple shapes and divides the nail into sections so you can master any character you want!

The ONLINE COURSE  which shows you how to ‘nail’ cartoons. 


6 Lessons

From basics of hand painting to mapping out the face with simple shapes. 

Building on the classics

Once you have worked through these lessons the aim is that you can create any character with Vikki’s method. 

Who doesn't love Pooh

Adding sellable nail art Vikki talks about how you can profit from adding an accent nail to your application. 

More options

Give your clients more options to add to their nail art, combined with complimentary colours this is a quick way of adding detail 

Holiday nails

Promote the nails during holiday eason, for those visiting disney land give them options above your competition. 

Bonus lesson

Going into alittle more detail, you will find highlights reflections in this lesson. 

Lifetime Access to this Course

Buy and keep this course. Access your own personal nail art academy right here on this website. Simply register and enroll. 

Your Inspired Educator is

Vikki Taylor Dodds

Vikki Taylor Dodds is based in Newcastle, qualified nail technician and beautician Vikki specialises in nails and nail art. An Ezflow international educator and IBD elite educator, Vikki is also an Orly and Nailtiques educator. Vikki has competed in national and International companions accumulating 36 award and winning titles like UK nail professional of the year 2015, Scratch Nail stylist and UK nail Artisit 2010. Competing in the prestigious nail olympics, world championship in 2011 she Brough home 2nd place in masters division. In 2013 she competed again in Nailympics and won Gold 1st place.

Vikki writes for magazines and industry blogs, appearing on Tynes Tees TV & the wright stuff with Gabby Logan. Vikki is an international competition judge and has won Scratch mixed media tech of the year 2014.

Her talent and sheer determination to master her craft has inspired many and I am  very excited to invite her to join the inspired online team,