Carol Sheeny Hailstone

Carol Sheeny Hailstone is well known for her detailed artwork but specialises in one stroke. She has agreed to share her knowledge of this beautiful application with you putting together 2 courses covering everything you need to be a One stroke expert.  From the north of England near Liverpool, Carol now lives in South Africa and has been a nail artist for over 20 years.  Her passion is art and design and inspires nail professionals with her intricate detailing and 3D elements. 

I asked Carol to write a few words for you about her nail journey;

“I have been doing nails for 12 years. I originally did my course so that I could do my own nails. As soon as I began the course I fell in love with the whole process and was hooked! Not long after I completed my course I was made redundant from my full time job in retail.

With my husband’s encouragement and help I set up in a local hairdressers and started doing nails and beauty as I had also completed my beauty level 2 at evening classes after my day job. I did this alongside a hairdresser for a good year or so. The rent on the salon increased and became too much so I got a job in a salon working alongside 3 other techs. This is where I learnt my craft!! The other girls were super fast and the boss insisted we all sculpted the nails.

I have always been arty and started to incorporate designs into my work at a time when it was mostly french. Because of this I built up a good clientele. I worked in this salon for a few years until my husband found a little shop in my hometown. I was nervous but decided to open up on my own. The salon became really busy and soon there were 4 of us. I was then asked to become an educator for a high end nail company and did my educator training with them. It was not long after this I started to enter competitions. Since then I have competed regularly and been successful in some of the art categories particularly one stroke which is my favourite technique. I have also placed in an international photographic competition and trained with some of the best national & international educators and champions.

Running my salon and dealing with staff has given me great experience not only with lots of different techniques and nails but man management and people skills too. I came to the end of my lease 2 years ago and decided to travel and live in South Africa where I am currently residing. While here I have been teaching the South African techs my art classes including One stroke, Aquarelle and 3D. Obviously I have my levels one & two one stroke courses with Sams Be Inspired programme so anyone can learn my techniques and tricks from anywhere in the world. Who knows what may happen in the future; there maybe an opportunity to do more courses for Sams programme, and if I return to the UK I would hold classes too.”