You CAN Do This

You THINK you can’t… But I KNOW you can

There comes a time in our career where we wonder; “Is this it?”, “What next?”, and the classic “Dare I admit I am bored?”. So we go out and seek something new or challenge it to keep our interest. But the thing is we have been doing things our way for so long, we get surprised that new and exciting things are not as easy.

I understand the sense of frustration and failure when you don’t achieve things you set your hopes on, I have faced challenges in my life that have challenged me to a breaking point. But you can’t complain that something is too hard unless you give it a go, because without trying you may never know.

Basically, you are telling yourself something that is fundamentally untrue in order to protect yourself from failure. This egoic part of you is outdated and you need to push through unless of course, you don’t want to improve and succeed.

So many of my students are doing things in their business because they took a step into the unknown. This is a course built to show you possibilities, not to give you a bunch of Pintrestable copy and paste ideas.

So suck up the information and embrace the changes! Don’t ever say it is a waste- that means you are saying you made a mistake and you have failed. I don’t see you as a failure and I don’t even really know you. So why would you? I have faith in you… that is why I built this course.

Why? Because I did it, I stepped out and look at what I built. I am not as talented as you or know something you don’t, and shhhh don’t tell the others but those Ed’s pouring their knowledge into these lessons for you, they aren’t all that either. They are just a nail tech who stepped up and out of their fear.

My husband is probably the best example of this, an expert in his field – medicine, he knows his shit, and ask him anything- his elephant memory spouts it off, but when it comes to marketing websites, and how to sell his books he becomes frustrated, he procrastinates like a king and throws his hands up in defeat. I look at him with a surprised expression because for me it is simple, it is a straight forward process of steps, and nothing to be frustrated with. Then I realise it has taken books and books, course after courses and mentors after mentors to understand the science of marketing. I learned each slow step and he has not, so when he is overwhelmed, he backs off.

I change my words, make them simple to process and slowly draw him back into the conversation. Now his need to understand marketing is born from survival, he wants to sell his books – so he needs to understand. Buying a nail art course or challenge isn’t a requirement to survive, it is a need to feed your creativity. So it is easy to throw your hands up and give up. But wait- The feeling of overwhelming, the fear of not being good enough is not an excuse to give up. It should be your driving force.

Yes, there is a lot in the new 30 nails in 30 days course, there are lessons you will not even want to do because they don’t float your boat, like putting an advert together on Facebook, my biggest anxious moment, but I do it because the challenge is there and I want to master it. I am not as good as almost everyone else, because I see their success and mine is well not as good as I like, but I do it again and again and again.

Like art or any creative project, you have to understand each step, Máster each movement to get that sense of achievement and success. But you can’t master anything if you do nothing.

My mother is 75, and she is all up and in the face of technology. Unlike her friends who shy away from mobile phones and emails, she is editing her own video’s, putting courses together and even placing ads on Facebook. She doesn’t love it, but she is doing it because it gives her a return. She also throws her hands up in the air and spouts the words ‘i am 75 years old you know my brain doesn’t work as fast as yours’ it is a mantra she uses to slow me down. I stop my words and reframe them into something she understands.

So when you begin to throw your hands up in defeat, reframe your words to your self. Explain this is a stepping stone, and how else can I understand this step, how can I make it easier.

The one thing about this course is that has the support of 6 educators, they are there for you for 30 days during this challenge. This is quite unique and wonderful. And I think you should use this to your advantage.

It is not too late to join in, how far can you go when you take that first step, who knows, but you will never find out if you don’t take it.

I was inspired by my 30 Days Portrait Challenge through Sketchy, to create a nail art and nail application course, with 5 other celebrated and award-winning educators. We have all been working hard over the last few months to bring you a set of lessons, 30 of them. which will help you in your business and your confidence.

Now you need to decide which set of values you hold that will say yes to investing in this course and in your self.

Check out this link – Doors opened November 1st and is discounted until December.

You CAN Do This

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