Being An Adult About Things

An Adult Wouldn’t Do This, Would They?

We have an inside joke in our family for when you are being very ‘adult’ about something. When we do something we don’t want to. Like going to bed and not watching the next Netflix episode, or going to work and not turning over when the alarm goes off. Randomly visiting a motorbike shop and not signing up to get your licence (True story).

I tell my children all the time, “I am proud that you’re being very ‘adult’ about this”. 

Sometimes as creatives, I think we feel very ‘adult’ about marketing and pushing our businesses where we want them to be. Let’s be honest here, where we want them to be is earning us some money so we can continue to do the non adult things.

My Very Adult Decision

I did something yesterday which wasn’t very ‘adult’ but felt very right. I decided to get a little puppy, not even one in a breed I know and love but a toy dog a ‘Chalkie’ which is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua. We shall call her Biscuit. Now why is this an adult thing, but doesn’t feel very adult.

For me change is a big thing which prevents me from moving forward, and moving past this fear of change and ‘different’ feels adult because it is something hard that I don’t want to do. But the confusion was that I had all the negative conversations in my head about ‘puppy life’, Bella’s reaction and so forth and I still said yes, under the insurmountable pressure of the whole family. All four of their little 25 year old faces looking at me saying it is a good thing.

Jon agreeing that Bella for one needs something to obsess over, but here I am with this ‘non adult’ aka non sensible decision and hiding a small amount of glee inside at the possibilities.

Being adult doesn’t have to bad verses good, nice verses not nice. I think being adult is doing something which betters you, even if you don’t feel comfortable at the time. Working on your business without knowing what you need to to, instead of wishing it would bring in clients. Entering a competition because you know there is an element of exposure for you and your business, instead of thinking I am not good enough. Reading this blog post and knowing it hits the right vibe in you, instead of thinking there are too many words and I will watch a cake making video instead.

Bettering ourselves and our business is just as creative and fun if you let the fear and ‘what if’s’ disappear. Biscuit is going to be a great addition to this family which is needed right now. So I shall snuff out all those worries and look at the good.

What if you did something adult and with that list of ‘oh no this is boring, terrifying or way out of my league” fears, you folded it up, put it in your back pocket and sat on them. Enjoy the good things that come out of being adult. Because you’re creative and you can make anything happen. Let me give you an example.

A month or so ago my son went camping with his new wife. They rented a car and drove down to visit before heading off to find a camp sit in the west country somewhere. As they left I am asking them “Is there anything you need?” “Nope” Jenwin exclaims “We are being very adult and have everything”.

They leave and I head back to the office, ten minutes later she walks in laughing. “What have you forgotten?’ I smiled back, she says they have a puncture. So for the next two hours we tried, without joy, to get the wheel off the car and drove it to the garage in the end where they said it would be 24 hours to fix it.

So mummy to the rescue, I told them “Go enjoy your camping, and we will drive it to you tomorrow night, so you don’t waste a day”.

The adult thing, the delay and puncture is a chore and could have ruined their whole trip, but without it, we wouldn’t have been able to have a BBQ in the New Forest, play frisbee with Bella and have a nice evening together.

Sometimes those ‘adult’ things turn out to be the perfect cause for a great effect.

So without ‘adulting’ you won’t get the rewards. Look at your ‘adulting’ as a blessing and you will receive the benefits without grace and ease.

Sam x 

Being An Adult About Things

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