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You’ll get:

  • Weekly Personalised video feedback on your nail art.
  • Access to the Inspired mentoring group.
  • The Mindpower Mastery course
  • Monthly coaching calls. 
  • 1-2-1 30 min strategy call per quarter.
  • 3 phase strategy workbook. 
  • Ebooks & Journals to help your business & self development. 


£68 per Quarter. 

(£22 per month)

I have created this as a quarterly subscription because it means you have 3 months to work with me, and make a difference to your business.

How does this work?


Every month, you work through a brand new module of Be Inspired Online, teaching you up to 6 new nail designs and techniques.

After working through the detailed videos and creating your nails, you take a snap of them and upload them in the exclusive Feedback Portal!

Then, Sam will evaluate your work and give you constructive criticism for how you can improve your art, with personalised tips and tricks based on what you’ve created.

Whether it’s helping you with more efficient and effective ways to use your tools, or giving you fine art tips on how to elevate your work and take it to the next level, Sam uses her 20+ years in the industry AND her skills as a professional fine artist to help you become the best nail artist you can be.



Through the Inspired mentoring group, you will be able to work through the mindpower mastery course and with monthly coaching calls, strategise and plan your business and marketing.

The aim of mentoring is to start bringing a new level of structure to your work life so  you can start developing goals and working towards them. With monthly group coaching calls, via Zoom you will be able to discuss with Sam your particular issue and find a solution.

We all have different needs, so I am offering a 1-2-1 session for 30 mins individually each quarter, so we can strategise and go over some key points of concern in your business. This is a 30 min call via zoom. 


“Online? Not time limited? Affordable? With a mentor? What actual reasons could I find to block this? 24 hours later, and I became a proud member of Be Inspired. I am not kidding, it’s like the friendliest family you could be a member of! The feedback made me look at my nails in a new light, it was positive, and I was told what I needed to do to tweak, improve and perfect my design.

My nails have never been dismissed, instead, I am praised. There is always great advice offered and not only that explained why and how it would help.  I honestly think this was when I realised online could work for me

My favourite quote from Sam: ‘We are not just a nail tech, we are artists!’”


Anita Sinclair

Tempted, why wouldn’t you? 

What I adore about Sams course is that you get feedback from the lady herself. With in-depth video describing what was good and what I needed to do to improve my work. I wanted constructive criticism and I got it.  I don’t want to be told my work is amazing I want to be told where I am going wrong and how to improve. You get this straight up advice which is what we need to move forward with our goals. I would recommend this course to all nail artists.

Carol sheeny Hailstone

This course is much more than nails and art, it changes peoples lives. I have become more confident in myself and my work made new friends and developed my passion for art. Since I joined Sam’S online course I’m entering competitions and got a new job. I have found my confidence in everything has changed, I am even learning how to drive now because Sam has shown me, how to conquer my fears.  I have never believed I was good enough, but now I do!  Now my life has just begun!

RJ Walker

What You Could Gain

  • An understanding of nail art.
  • The ability to make money through nails.
  • Freedom to work from a home salon.
  • Do your hobby for a living.

Access to the marketing mentoring & mindset module

  • Having the confidence to enter, compete, and WIN at Nailympia and other industry competitions
  • Becoming the Head Educators for regional and national nail companies
  • Growing hugely in confidence and skills
  • Growing as a business, as an artist, and as a creative
  • Seeing work become more refined and detailed… And clients LOVE it!
  • Moving from boring office jobs to retraining as a nail technician and running their own successful salons!

These are just some of the success stories my fast track members have had. 

Why Online?

  • Freedom to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world.
  • connect with like minded creatives and net work?
  • Learn something about yourself and your business. 


Once you have subscribed to this program, your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel. You can cancel by emailing us 2 weeks before the next payment is due out. Your responsible for your subscription payments and you will automatically be removed from the feedback centre and group should you payment fail to go through.