Alcohol Inks Nail Art

with Sam Biddle

💅🏻  With 20 lessons all under one virtual roof.

💫 Learn the basics, from the right surface to the correct liquids.

💋 Learn flowers, birds, animals & butterflies.

Do you want to learn how to use Alcohol Inks but don’t know where to start?

  • Have the inks but can’t make them work?
  • Not enough time or money to attend a 3-4 day course?
  • Get this course and receive your complete Alcohol Ink kit @ HALF PRICE!
  • This course has lifetime access and ‘replay’ So you can watch and repeat as many times as you want.
  • Now that is priceless! 

This course is perfect for someone who has never used alcohol inks before

Alcohol inks is an application that gives your clients something beautiful with little effort.

20 online lessons

Get into detail of Alcohol Ink nail art application from the very basics, learn what surface to work on, what liquids to use and how to layer your inks.

Then you’re ready for flowers, birds, animals and fish, the only thing missing is butterflies! Well, I might throw that in too.

Includes Bonus lessons

I have Alcohol Ink tutorials on YouTube and Facebook. I have re-edited them for you and included them in this course as a bonus. They are listed under EXTRA’s at the end of the course.

50% off your kit

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Get 50% off your whole kit of inks. Order through this link and you will get the whole set of inks I use in this course at half price.

Lifetime Access To This Course.

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Everything you will need to learn this technique and wow those clients.

with 20 different tutorials included into this one course we take you from complete beginner to Alcohol ink pro. Learn how to use the inks to your advantage and combine the technique with other applications like gel paintings and acrylic painting. we work with layers and i experient on film to show you what is possible.

Everything you need to know

Understand Alocohol inks and what they can do. working with differnt surfaces and liquids to get the look you want. 3 lessons covering all the basics

Watch the inks bloom

3 floral tutorials for those clients who can’t resisit a rose. 

it's all about the back grounds

2 different lessons showing you that inking can become part of any application. 

It's all about the Pink!

2 flaminogo lessons covering different application options. 

Scarlett, Simon & sarah

this course includes 3 different foxy faces. 

As seen on the Mel & Sam Show

Making it easier to find all the inky tutorials I have included a few different videos which I have previously posted on YouTube and Facebook. 

Here's what they said about this course!

Feedback from Students

There are so many posts and feedback of those who have taken this course, but you only need a few to help you make up your mind. 

Your Inspired Educator is

Sam Biddle

From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics, before we can become a master. In this course I share my secrets to understanding water colour, and colour placement. As well as animal faces. both of my most favourite things to do when I paint. 

These animals, will help you attract the ahhhh’s and wow’s from your clients, this course is about practise and each nail will encourage and inspire your clients to have something on their nail. not only that it’s a fun thing to paint. 

For the past 10 years I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, but it’s all about enjoying the process and having fun. sometimes you will surprise yourself with a few simple tricks and a guide line you could paint anything. 

It’s your time!