💅🏻 Do you struggle to control your acrylic ?

🙋🏼‍♀️ Do you agonise over correct ratios and getting that bead just right ?

🙎🏼‍♀️Do you struggle with acrylic lifting ?

👩🏼‍🏫 Is acrylics something you learned but have never been confident enough to offer to your clients?

Learn how to control and use your acrylic with ease!

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In this course, Melanie Lewendon guides you through application of acrylic , using extensions techniques and tips and tricks to make acrylic application easy! You will also be able to book a 3 hour 1-2-1 with Mel, online or in person!

Acrylic is the hardest system to grasp in the industry, and with the rise of fast education and courses not meeting standards, I have filled in all those gaps, so you can be more confident with your application and knowledge ! 

Get this course before the end of August and Save 20% . From £170 £140 .

Lifetime Access to This Course

Get this course before the end of August and Save 20% . From £170 £140 


Anatomy & Physiology

Provide a safe and effective service with anatomy and physiology 101 :

  • A&P does not have to be boring !
  • Easy to follow lessons with interactive elements.
  • Never forget A & P ( so rock n roll) with the downloadable workbook !

Health & Safety / Allergies

Provide a safe enviroment for your clients !!

  • Health and safety knowledge from consultation to goodbye
  • Allergy info & prevention ( information from the forfront of the industry)
  • Contraindications and How to recognise them (be prepared for some gory pics !)

Science & Product knowledge

So you have the tools but do you have the knowledge ?

  • Simple to understand scientific product information (delivered with fun !)
  • Wow your clients with your product prowess
  • Learn about light sources and how if behaves with your products !

Salon nail shapes

You will learn how to avoid hobbit claws and wonky digits :

  • Salon shapes demonstrated and explained
  • Get the perfect 10 (not 7.5)
  • Give your clients nails that will flatter their characteristics

Tools & gadgets

All the gear and no idea ?

  • Learn how to use all your tools and gadgets
  • Get the best from your tools so you dont have to keep replacing them
  • Cleaning and disinfection for all tool types

Perfect prep

Build good solid foundations with immaculate prep !

  • To remove or not to remove ? Your cuticle questions answered
  • Prep like a boss, no lifiting here thank you !
  • Amazing (not so secret) tips to get you prepping with ease

Tip Fitting

Learn how to extend a nail using a tip , ditch the stereotype of tipping and learn how to perfect it.

  • Nail Tips,whats good and whats not !
  • Perfect Fitting tips to get the most natural shape
  • Dont get hung up on the sculpting hype, see what modern tips have to offer


Form fitting does not have to be stressful ! You will learn:

  • Fitting a form for all salon shapes
  • What forms to use for what !
  • Downloadable form fitting diagrams

Product Application

Acrylic is the toughest sytem of them all to apply, you will learn:

  • Learn my tips for quick clean application with close up videos and slowed down action
  • Learn how to sculpt with your brush and not your file
  • Bead Pick up Edumat included !

Nail Structure

Confused about lines, arches and apexs ? You will learn :

  • Perfect placement and structure
  • Apex placement for all salon shapes
  • Learn how the pros make their nails look sleek and beautiful

Filing and Finishing

So youve put on the product ? Now what ?

  • Learn how to file to acheive consistancy
  • Learn how different files work and how to use them effectivly
  • Rid bulk and bumps to make your nails look beautiful….

Infil & Removal

Keeping the clients nails balanced and healthy is paramount :

  • Learn how to infil and when
  • Soak off/file off procedures and tips for speedy removal
  • Speed up your removal time

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Get this course before the end of August and Save 20% . From £170 £140 .

Your Inspired Educator 

Melanie Lewendon

I’ve been a qualified beauty therapist and nail tech for 10 years building a good reputation on solid customer service, unrivaled knowledge, and an eagerness to learn and grow as a nail tech and therapist and in turn, pass this onto students in my academy and give my clients beautiful unrivaled treatments and nails. 

I’m a firm believer in a good solid education, and gaining as much knowledge about your craft as possible, and pushing yourself beyond your limits.