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NAIL SHAPES in Acry-gel

with Katie Barnes

💅🏻  Master nail shapes with Acryl Gel

💫 Nail art is only as good as the canvas

💋 Don’t just learn the design master the technique.

Do you want to create a dragon nail, ballerina, or coffin shape? Would you love to perfect your french tip or even master the stiletto, BUT don’t do acrylic?

Did you know that you achieve the best nail tips using- Acryl gel/poly gel/ fill and form? If you didn’t know that, there is a course to tell you how!

Nail art is only as good as it’s canvas! Learn classic shapes like; Almond, Pipe, Ballerina, Edge, and Salon french. Plus, you will cover form fit, bead pick up and Filing techniques & nail art too.

9 Lessons

Acryl gel is the latest thing in the nail industry and it is ‘friggin’ fantastic! All the best parts of acrylic and gel put together in one handy tube or pot and ready for you to make magic.

 If you have the Acrylic shapes course already, this one has different shapes that you can use in Acrylic or Acryl Gel and visa versa. It is all about the form fit, filing, and where to place the product.

Range of styles

Do you want to create a dragon nail, ballerina, or coffin shape, perfect your french or even master the stiletto, BUT don’t do acrylic?

  • On this course you will learn;
    • Tip Prep
    • Form-Fit
    • Product review
    • Salon French
    • Ballerina
    • Baby boomer
    • Almond
    • Spider gel with chrome
    • The edge shape with fancy French
    • Adding pigments into Acryl Gel to create new colours
    • The pipe
    • Embedding
    • Texture and other cool tricks.


Lesson 1

Understanding your product and where you can use it, is key to being a good nail professional. 

Lesson 2

Nail prep is essential to getting good application and it never hurts to refresh. 

Lesson 3

Sculpting form can be your friend or your foe, master the application with Katie and never stress about fitting a form again. 

Lesson 4

This was requested by many nail techs who have Katies first Shapes course, all the application methods can be used for gel or acrylic too, but getting the simple salon shape right is a money maker. 

Lesson 5

The ballerina nail shape or coffin, is harder to master than it look, Katie gives you the technique and know how to perfect this shape, plus shows you how to create a soft baby boomer ombre with acryl gel.

Lesson 6

A popular shape the Almond is upgraded with Spider gel. Watch how Katie spins (pun intended) the perfect design that will sell your work to your cleints and create profit in your business. 

Lesson 7

The edge shape one the the extreme ish shapes in this course, it is a good foundation for nail art and Katie incorproated a soft ombre french. 

Lesson 8

Adding texture and embedding to this pipe shape, within this course Katie also highlights the subtle differences between the shapes. 

Your Inspired Educator 

Katie Barnes

Katie is a highly respected and renowned in the industry and has had her work and articles published in many beauty publications, including a fortnightly blog for Scratch Magazine and is also a competition judge.  Katie is constantly updating their skills and knowledge and believes not enough emphasis can be put on training and education.

Whether you are just starting out in the industry or an experienced nail technician or therapist, it is crucial to offer the best service to your clients. The nail and beauty industry is constantly evolving and she keeps up to date with those very latest trends and techniques.