A Personal Letter From Sam

The time has come to make some changes…

Taking steps

I was just as surprised then, as you are now, when the words first escaped from me, for over 20 years I have called this industry home, it has given me another family and allowed me to follow my passions and purpose without judgment. This is why, for two decades I couldn’t imagine a time where I would have to take a step back, look at my students and tell them…

I am retiring.

So although it does sadden me each time I say it out loud, I know that in these last 20 years I have been able to build something greater than myself. I look back at my personal journey, the competition wins, magazine covers, awards and time spent judging around the world with immense amounts of love, but it is Be Inspired Online that fills me with the most pride, it has grown from the idea that we can use this new and exciting thing called the internet to educate people, to a six-figure business and a school for thousands of students. Be Inspired Online has allowed me to tick off so many boxes on my wish list, but it is the students, friends and family that I have found in this industry that have really been the driving force behind what I do, them I cannot retire from. This is why I’m not just closing everything down and letting it all die a death, I’m passing the baton over to someone else, after all Be Inspired Online stopped being my business a long time ago, it always belonged to the students and I was just a caretaker,

So I want you to welcome your newest caretaker, the guardian taking Be Inspired Online into the future and make sure you continue to get amazing education is Melanie Lewendon. This wasn’t a flippant decision, Mel and I have worked together for some time now and is one of my closest friends, she is also the only person I know who is capable of continuing Be Inspired Online, sticking to the ethos that has helped us inspire thousands of people to show us what they’re capable of over all these years.

Fear not though for this is not the last you will ever hear of me, I will become an educator as part of The Inspired Space, so you will be able to find all of my old and potentially new courses on Be Inspired Online. I’ve also promised Mel that I will be around to support her until the day she doesn’t need me anymore, but I will no longer be a part of the nail business. Why? My health, both mentally and physically I can no deal with the toll taken on my body, I don’t want to ‘over-egg the pudding’ but for those who know me well, they will know that my body is broken and has been for a long time. I won’t bore you with the long list of diagnoses, the constant surgeries, appointments and scans I’ve been to over the years, to put it simply I am in constant pain and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it. My medication often makes me sleepy or confused, I forget the odd word or ten or find myself walking in circles desperately trying to remember what I should be doing instead of being able to do it.

Throughout all of this Ethan has been the rock on which I know I can rely, he has been my right-hand man and has mastered the ability to decipher my confused and sporadic thoughts into actions to keep Be Inspired Online running. With all of the issues and challenges I’m currently facing I know that I haven’t been able to drive the brand like I’ve wanted to and I need to let it go before I break it. From September 1st Mel will be the new owner of Be Inspired Online and Ethan will continue in the same role supporting her and all of you.

What about me you ask? While this is a full retirement from the nail industry, Mel insists it is only a semi-retirement in terms of work (she would know, she’s an expert on semi’s) and I have lots lined up in the future; Guest educating as part of the Monthly Masterclass, The Mel & Sam Show will still be running, I will be at Nail Safari and there may even be a Watercolour Portraits Course from me in the future, so you can rest assured I will not disappear completely.

But before I make my quiet retreat into the background I wanted to thank each and every one of my friends, my family and my inspiration, it is the potential I see in all of you that has kept me going for so many years. Watching and helping as you discover your creativity, imagination and talents was all I could ever ask for. For those who weren’t a part of the journey thank you anyway because I learned just as much from you too.

The love that I have and that there is in this industry is beyond anything I have known, it has been an honour to be surrounded by like-minded, passionate and driven individuals supporting each other. Do not misunderstand and think my heart is no longer in this, the fire inside me burns just as bright as it always has and I will extoll the virtues of online education as often as I can. Unfortunately, although my heart and soul are willing, my body and mind simply are not up to the task, that doesn’t mean I cannot occasionally wake up early and still produce little sparks of magic like this (It is currently 5 am).

So that’s it, I am retiring. I will use my new free time to concentrate on my art, support Jon as he builds his author business and more excitingly, work as a Marketing Consultant (I already have a client).

Make sure you stay in touch and more importantly stay inspired, Be Inspired Online will still be there for you and Mel will make sure everything keeps running as usual just with a new face and maybe a design upgrade.

Sam x

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A Personal Letter From Sam

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