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Plasticine gel is an extra thick formula of gel and not recommended to use to build nails. it is purely for art.  It’s not the same as Acryl-gel or poly gel.
It’s an ideal solution if you want to build or create any 3D work without using acrylic. using the principles of gel application you will still need a lamp to use this.

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A couple of quick tips.

1. Use the correct solution for the brand you have chosen. using isoproyl alcohol instead when it is recomended to use a solution with ethenol you will find you will get a diffrent effect.
2. Experiment. try using pigments with the plastacine gel, add it onto the gel or mix it in before creing. maybe make the gel stiffer for more fantasy peices by using alittle acrylic powder.
3. If you find it is sticking to your skin, use a skin safe solution as a lubricant. like ethenoly on the pads of your finger and thumb.
4. Don’t over work it, like gel, it will relax and become unmanageable.
5. If you don’t have a colour, use your colour theroy and mix them together. If the green is too light then add yellow to brighten it. If you want a paler blue then mix white in to get this effect.

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What we used

  • Mystic Gel Plasticine gel.
  • Silicon tool & Brush size 4 design.
  • Pigment from serenity collection.
  • Crystals from Crystal Parade.

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