🤦🏼‍♀️  A 3D design course for acrylic and non acrylic nail techs.

💋  Designs for the salon and beyond. 

💅🏻 Beginners to advanced, 10 lessons, 9 looks.

Learn how to Master Plasticine gel and create kick ass 3D nail art.

The 3D Plasticine Gel Course from Be Inspired Online will teach you all you need to use this amazing gel to its full potential.

If building with acrylic isn’t for you then plasticine gel might just be the right thing.

Salon Viable  * 3D designs  * inspiration *

The ONLINE COURSE  which shows you how to ‘nail’ art without an outline.


10 Lessons

From basics to intermediates, You will learn how to expertly blend and mix plasticine gel to achieve the colours you need to make beautiful nail art.

With 10 lessons that will teach you the basics of building and working with plasticine gel, to more complicated techniques.

Step by Step process

You will have a step by step guide on how to build 3D effects and how to correctly use depth and shadow to make sure your designs look as amazing as possible.

Do you want to know what the best part is? These are all salon viable, so you can impress your clients with something they may never have seen before.

What is Plasticine gel?

Plasticine gel is an extra thick formula of gel and not recommended to use to build nails. it is purely for art. it is not the same as Acryl-gel or poly gel.

Plasticine gel is a thicker gel, which don’t self level and has zero odor. If you have fancied creating 3D art work with acrylic, but can’t, then you now have a solution. 

What will this course cover

This course will take you through all the steps and lead you to creating a 3D figure of a little girl. This course covers not just flowers but you will also create butterflies and lace. 

This course teaches you how to create flat art, 3D and semi fantasy. 

Lifetime access to this course.

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A break down of course contents

in this course you will learn; 

  • Pigment application
  • Spider gel and useing gel paints.
  • Blending &  how to create a two tone effect
  • Mix colours
  • Flowers, bows. lace & butterflies
  • working on and off the nail whilst building.
  • Create ombre with pigment
  • Apply gems & swarovski
  • This course teaches you how to create flat art, 3D and semi fantasy. 

  • creating backgrounds, using pigment ombre, glitter and vintage. 
  • introduction to what you need when using plasticine gel.
  • create a simple flower for the salon.
  • using spider gel
  • create a bow and learn about placement. 
  • lace and gem application. 
  • butterfly
  • Pansy and layering your design
  • shadows and highlights
  • daisy
  • proportions
  • rose, learn how to build off the nails for a statement look. 
  • purple flower, find out how to build off the nail with plasticine gel. 
  • little doll. this is an extremem 3D look, but a brilliant lesson to get you started into fantasy. 

Simple Flowers

Showing you how to place the watercolour, this is a simple design to start you off.


Adding additional materials like spider gel and gems to the design, this is a popular look for clients and quick t apply. No flowers required in this nail. 


Everyone loves a butterfly, in this lesson we look at the shape and fundementals of a butterfly and not worry about the detail. it is simplicity which wins in this lesson. 


A great accent nail, a brilliant exercise in understanding shape and form, plus we add a blush to create additional depth. 


The pansy is one of the most under used flowers because it seems so difficult. But with it’s iconic colour form you can find out the easy way to create a beautiful designs int his lesson.


The first more extreme 3D, it is still a wearable design, but really this is for you not the client. master the rose and you can master anything.

Purple flower

Understanding and seeing shape is one of the hardest things to do as an artisit. knowing which layer to place first can make or break a design, this lesson shows you how to create a 3D effect with flat art. 

Little girl

I just did this for fun, because it is a cute little application method and I wanted to show you what is possible with plasticine gel. Maybe not a client worthy nail, but who cares, it is something show off your skills with. 


A bonus lesson, I wanted to show you how to add acrylic paint over plasticine gel and this design is no doubt a popular one. 

Your Beginner’s guide

If your brand new to Plasticine Gel or not sure how it works, this lesson explains what you need and what it is all about. I wanted to include it to help you understand the materials. 

Your Inspired Educator is

Sam Biddle

From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics, before we can become a master. In this course I share my secrets to understanding water colour, and colour placement. As well as animal faces. both of my most favourite things to do when I paint. 

These animals, will help you attract the ahhhh’s and wow’s from your clients, this course is about practise and each nail will encourage and inspire your clients to have something on their nail. not only that it’s a fun thing to paint. 

For the past 10 years I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, but it’s all about enjoying the process and having fun. sometimes you will surprise yourself with a few simple tricks and a guide line you could paint anything. 

It’s your time!