3D Nail Art

3D Nail Art: Filigree & Baroque Ornaments

with Angelique Blenckner

💅🏻  Create INSANE Filigree Relief Ornaments in a Baroque Style WITHOUT using any molds!

💫 Learn everything from Salon Viable all the way up to Competition and Extreme Nails!

💋 Discover a range of new techniques and skills while developing on some old ones.

Create 3D Nail Art in a Baroque style WITH NO MOLDS!

Get ready to master 3D Nail Art. All the way from Salon Viable to Extreme Filigree

6 Lessons in 3 Sections – Salon Viable, Decorative Element, and for Extreme Nails.

Theory Part related to the Skill Trainer Sheets.

Theory Downloads (Skill Trainer Sheets, Relief Knowledge).

Downloads of Reference Pictures also to use as Transfer Helper.

The “Skill Trainer Sheet Bundle” as Download.

Bonus Download of Reference Pictures for further Self Training.

A Support Group with other students.

Split Into 3 Sections

Starting with Salon Viable Filigree & Baroque before moving on to mastering Decorative Elements, perfect for competitions, then ending on Extreme Nails!

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Build your confidence and create INCREDIBLE Filigree and Baroque Ornaments without molds


Filigree Relief & Baroque Ornaments

In this course, I will show you how to create Filigree Relief Ornaments, one of the most popular styles of nail art at the moment in competitions and salons.

We won’t be using molds to create these Filigree & Baroque ornaments and I will clear up any confusion about the differences between high relief and 3D.

The course is broken into 3 sections;

Section 1 – Salon Viable

Ornament Design – We will create our Filigree Relief Ornament on a tip preprepared with a base layer and topcoat.

Detail Work & Crystal Placement – Some added detailing to support your design as well as some Crystal Placement.

Section 2 – Decorative Ornaments

Net Ornament – First we will want to create a decorative ornament that includes a net element, before aging it with a Patina Effect.

Floral Ornament – This lesson is about creating a symmetrical Floral Ornament which we will support with a range of colours.

Section 3 – Xtreme Nails

Heart-Shaped – We will be working on creating a large heart-shaped ornament with symmetrical wings behind.

Chrome & Crystals – Time to practice giving our ornament a Chrome Effect that goes with an extreme nail before moving on to some Crystal Placement.

Your Inspired Educator is

Angelique Blenckner

Hi, I’m Angelique Blenckner, a nail tech and educator currently living in Berlin, Germany. After finding myself unhappy with the salons in my area I decided to become a nail tech myself, qualifying as a ‘Nail Technician’ with the Main Medium Hard Gel in 2018 and Advanced Qualification with Acrylic Systems in 2019.

In NAILYMPIA Online 2021 I won Gold with my HONEYCOMB Extreme Shape. and now im collecting some Trophies and Medals as well as Cerfiticates, I’m totally addicted to Crystal Placement, Realistic Faces and Animals, as well as One Stroke, Fine Line Work and Filigree Painting but my heart goes with Xtreme Nails, Xtreme Shapes and Xtreme Length.