with Katie Barnes

The online course that shows you salon viable 3D designs don’t need to be difficult! You will be learning crystal placement, and how to create beautiful shapes out of acrylic!



8 Lessons

Katie shows you how to get wearable 3D designs on your client’s nails.

Don’t panic, if you’re not an acrylic tech, invest in some 3D gel or plasticine gel and you will be able to follow Katies techniques.

Range of styles

You will also learn how to apply acrylic paint to get that vintage look. Apply crystals, create bows and butterflies. 

The designs in this course are client favourites and Katie explains the simple process of application.


Lesson 1 & 2

Bead pick up and nail prep- these two lessons are for a complete beginner or seasoned nail artist, the tricks Katie covers in this lesson is just what you need.

Lesson 3

This is a beautiful nail to begin with, and Katie goes into detail to show you how to plan your design with a guide.

Lesson 4

Every client wants a butterfly, but it is not something every nail tech wants to do. Katie explains how everything you do starts with one basic shape. 

Lesson 5

Creating a design off the nail is something we can do away from a client, Katie will also create colour to define and enhance the 3D look. 

Lesson 6

Building lace out of acrylic and adding a lily, Katie shows you how to create the vintage vibe with a little sparkle, adding gems to the finished look

Lesson 7

The sepia tones in this nail make it very classic and the 3D feather gives you an alternative look to traditional nail art. You can use this technique for any design.

Lesson 8

Finishing this course off with a little more advanced technique, building a rose around a crystal Katie will show you how to stain your finished flower. 

Your Inspired Educator 

Katie Barnes

Katie is a highly respected and renowned in the industry and has had her work and articles published in many beauty publications, including a fortnightly blog for Scratch Magazine and is also a competition judge.  Katie is constantly updating their skills and knowledge and believes not enough emphasis can be put on training and education.

Whether you are just starting out in the industry or an experienced nail technician or therapist, it is crucial to offer the best service to your clients. The nail and beauty industry is constantly evolving and she keeps up to date with those very latest trends and techniques.