Imagine a course where you could try out as many different applications and techniques as you want. 30 Nails in 30 Days is that course.

  • Test drive different educators and learn their secrets, all whilst staying in the comfort of your own home.
  • Imagine a course which will not only give you thousands of pounds worth of education, but you could pay for it with just one client.
  • Over 30 nails to do and redo thanks to lifetime access!

Whether you are brand new to nails or just haven’t reached the levels you know are possible.

This course has everything you need could wish for, plus it comes with it’s own secret support group too.

💅🏻 6 Different Nail Educators

🖥  30 + Nail Art Lessons

💰 £5500 of Content For JUST £79!!

💋  Lifetime Access


Nail Art For The Salon * Portraiture * Fantasy * Mixed Media * Watercolour * Character Painting * Crystal Application * Basic & Advanced Shape Application *  Seasonal Designs. 

Did I mention there are 30 lessons?

Lifetime access – £79 +VAT

So I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, to join me and my nail friends on a journey which I promise will transform your nail world.

Try 30 Nails in 30 Days

6 Educators are all bringing their unique craft, passion and skills to this series with 30 nail lessons.

Get them all today, and challenge yourself to try something different. 

But the best part they are there forever.

Bringing together award-winning and celebrated nail educators.

Bringing the newest techniques for your business.

Did you ever wonder...

how the nail artists on Pinterest and Instagram get their work so perfect?

Did you suspect they

spent 3 hours getting the perfect flower in the perfect place, using the perfect colours?

Did you want to

attend a course but with so many different styles, techniques and application methods you don’t know which one to choose?

💅🏻 Where else can you learn….

Shapes, Aquarelle, Mixed Media, Fantasy, Salon Designs, Character Painting, Portraits and even Crystal Placement like you have never seen before?

When could you ever imagine…

Getting 6 celebrated nail artists and educators in your living room to teach you things you never knew you needed until today?.

💰 How much would you pay for all that?

Pink rose 3D design

‘I did some sums

If each educator had to teach you the designs on this course, it would take them about 3/4 days each.

The average cost for a 1-2-1 is £315 per day, conservatively speaking.

🧮 Let’s get our calculators out, shall we? 🧐

  • That is 6 Award-Winning Educators x 3 Days =18 Days of Education
  • £315 Cost of Lesson x 18 Days of Education = £5670

🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s make it easier and round that down to £5500. 💰

Well, that’s worth it, right? Not bad for 18 days of education.

But you don’t even need to leave your home for all this wonderful nailless. This is all online and yours to keep forever!

How much will you need to pay for all that?

 NOT £5000

30 different lessons 


Now the next question you should ask is “Where can I sign up?”.

What’s in this course? 

Salon Viable designs

With ** lessons covereing all areas of naila rt perfect for the Salon, the educators each share with you their secrets to perfecting the perfect nail art in as little as 15 mins. 

Portraits and faces

Don’t worry we start at the beginning and with ** lessons covering this topic in acrylic, gel paint and water colour you will defenatly find your perect style. 

Fantasy & mixed media

The most sort after course subject but one of the last ones on our list to book, because we don’t realise just how important this subject is. We cover everything from the basics to mixed media. 

Shapes and application

Without a good foundation you will never be able to create the perfect canvas, and show off your art. In this course Guin deadman and katie barnes show you the delights of shapes and application, shareing with never seen before technqiues. 

Crystal placement

A popular look with the clients and techs, but not so easy to master. we can all place a crystal onto the nail but can you make it three dimensional. Both Laurne and Guin bring you their award winning technquies. i am looking forward to these lessons. 


My favourite of all designs and my co host and I both bring you looks using watercolour. 

add more…….? 

Geodes to Geometric

Stepping outside of the box and looking at trends you will learn now to create shapes, working with fine lines and get the ulimate dimension. From painted diamonds to fulll blown geodes. 

The Fundamentals

We are not setting you up to fail, we want you to learn and part of that is prepareing you for the lessons ahead. a few of the lessons in this course cover the fundementals of nail art and fantasy. Even if you know it already the tips in this course can bring you a brand new outlook on your application. 

Check out what some of our students have acheived. 

 the My name is Sam Biddle and last April I signed up to a similar course but covering just one subject over the period of 30 days, It was not nail art, it was painting portraits.

I decided between my busy work schedule I would get up early and watch the lessons, then re watch after work as I painted alongside. I couldn’t believe it, how my skills in something I never thought I could do that well blossomed and my confidence increased.

The one reason we refrain from signing up to online courses is time.

We think “Yes, this would be a good idea”, but then we get stuck in the life loop and time runs out. I called my nail friends and asked them to help because I know they have a lot to offer you and with the 6 of us all giving you 5 lessons, in different aspects of nail application and nail art, you are sure to achieve something amazing.

So I will say you don’t have to do this course in 30 days, you can take 30 years if you want, but if you do take up the personal That is why this challenge, you will find the improvement in your skills grow far quicker than you could have ever imagined, and the confidence will follow. When we launched this course, we ran a live 30 day challenge in November 2020. and wow the results! 

This course is a gift to you, one that I receive in April. The ability to create something you didn’t think you could. 

3D baby nail art

Get all 30 lesson today

🗓Lifetime access. 💅🏻 30 nail lessons. 🤑 £79+VAT



We are relaunching the next challenge in March 2021

Get on the wait list right here and we will let you know when you can get the next 30 nails in 30 days challenge. Click the button to find out who your educators will be. 

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I built this course because I wanted to share and show off the skills and amazing talent of some of my nail friends, but I wanted to give you access to all their nail goodness at a price you could afford. This is an investment, not to do some fun nail art stuff, but to see which direction your creativity will take you. I never in a million years thought I would teach online courses doing the things i love and sharing my skills with you when i first started.

I have met a lot of nail professionals over the years and I want to share these celebrated and some hidden gems with you. Watch this space. It isn’t the first 30 nails in 30 days but it will be the only one at this introduction price.

With lifetime access, you will always have time to do this course.