* Portraiture * Fantasy *  Stamping * Marbling  * Chrome * Pop Art * Lettering * Tortoise Shell * Magnetic Fascinators * Cats Eyes * Tie-Dye… and loads more!

Step out of your comfort zone & transform your nail world….

30 Nails In 30 Days is BACK!

Join us for 30 Nails April 2021!


  • Test drive 5 different educators and learn their secrets from the comfort of your own home.
  • 5 experienced educators, each with a unique perspective towards nail art.
  • Over 30 nails to do and redo thanks to lifetime access!


Get 30 Nails April 2021 before April 30th for a discount!

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Bringing together award-winning and celebrated nail educators…5 Educators bring their unique craft, passion and skills to 30 Nails April 2021

Your Educators

Get 30 Nails April 2021 before April 30th for a discount!

Save yourself £14!*

*Offer Expires 30/04/21

I’ve learned so much with 30 nails in 30 days, I will truly miss waking up to the daily challenges and being part of a nail family. I have gained new skill and found new mediums that I love.  THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION 

Michelle Brinklow

What is The 30 Nails in 30 Days Challenge?

Buy this course and get access to an exclusive CHALLENGE group on Facebook. Open in March & April 2021, this group gives you access to the Educators, they will be around to help, with additional lives and gives you a chance to show off all your hard work!

This group gives you the motivation, inspiration and community that we are missing in the industry. Open until the end of May 2021, this is a pop-up group. BUT ACCESS TO THE LESSONS ARE FOR LIFE!

Get 30 Nails April 2021 before April 30th for a discount!

Save yourself £14!*

*Offer Expires 30/04/21

Lifetime access – APRIL OFFER offer £65 +VAT <- ends 30th April 2021

What the students told us

“Apsolutly loving this course, not had a single day stuck in my PJ’s, I have been at my nail desk working on beautiful designs provided by you and 5 other educators. thankyou” NATIVIS NAILS

What’s in this course?

Get ready to learn:

* Portraiture * Fantasy *  Stamping * Marbling  * Chrome * Pop Art * Lettering * Tortoise Shell * Magnetic Fascinators * Cats Eyes * Tie-Dye…

and loads more!

Salon Viable Designs

With lessons covereing all areas of nail art perfect for the Salon, the educators each share with you their secrets to perfecting the perfect nail art in as little as 15 mins. 

Portraits & Faces

Learn how to paint a portrait with Rebecca Issac, she will share her secrets to the perfect face painting. 

Fantasy & Mixed Media

With a range of Skills covered in these lessons, you will not only create a disk, but build a snow globe[bunny included]

Stamping 101 & 2.0

Going through every little element of stamping. find out just how far you can take this popular application, plus the short cuts to success in the salon. 

Backgrounds & Effects

From tortose shells, to bubbles, chrome to velvet, the educators show you a range of effects adn backgrounds and designs you can do with them. 

Lettering & Logo's

A bold and detailed look at lettering, logo”s and pop art, in some of the lessons included in this course. Learn the techniques and build your own designs around them. 

Marble & Geometric

A series of designs which give you the soft flow of gel polish and the ridgid lines of geometric. the core reason for these lessons is to give you a portfolio of applications worthy of social media. 


two mini courses within this course which will cover bow and flowers and animals and paws. Learn the basic and build on the application lethods shown in these lessons. 

We did some Sums:

For £55 you’re getting 30+ lessons at £1.83….

That’s less than a cup of coffee for a new nail design AND educator feedback

With a regular 1-2-1 lesson being £315 per day, you’re saving £5000!!

  Still not convinced…?

3D baby nail art

The one reason we refrain from signing up for online courses is time.

We think “Yes, this would be a good idea”, but then we get stuck in the life loop and time runs out. I called my nail friends and asked them to help out with this course.  I know they have a lot to offer you and with the 5 of them all giving you 6 lessons each- featuring different aspects of nail application and nail art, you are sure to achieve something amazing.

You don’t have to do this course in 30 days, you can take 30 years if you want, but if you do take up the challenge, you will find the improvement in your skills grow far quicker than you could have ever imagined, and the confidence will follow. When we launched this course, in November 2020 we were thrilled with the results.

Sign up today to get access to this course. You will be able to visit your dashbpoard immediatly and watch the welcome video, grab your kit list and discount codes (Code availble for March 2021 offer only).

BONUS – During March & April only You will also have access to the 30 Nails in 30 Days Group. Each of the educators will host a LIVE. Plus top tips and other goodies. NO ACCESS after May 2021 onwards.

March BONUS ONLY – You will also receive Discounts and codes from suppliers to help you with your kit list, after you have bought the course you will have a short term code to order your kit with some very generious discounts.

The course and the lessons will be available at the Be Inspired Online Academy account for life. So if you don’t manage to finish each lesson you can revisit in the future as often as you want.

Get all 30 lesson today

🗓Lifetime access. 💅🏻 30 nail lessons. 🤑 £55+VAT


Sam Biddle Headshot


I built this course because I wanted to share and show off the skills and amazing talent of some of my nail friends, but I wanted to give you access to all their nail goodness at a price you could afford. This is an investment, not to do some fun nail art stuff, but to see which direction your creativity will take you. I never in a million years thought I would teach online courses doing the things i love and sharing my skills with you when i first started.

I have met a lot of nail professionals over the years and I want to share these celebrated and some hidden gems with you. Watch this space. It isn’t the first 30 nails in 30 days but it will be the only one at this introduction price.

With lifetime access, you will always have time to do this course.